Tom Scott-Redford

“A fool and his head are soon parted”

The social media strategy is indeed drip-feeding information about the upcoming Star Trek tv-series. The latest video of the USS Discovery (NCC-1031) and the ‘leak’ of the early model captain’s chair give fascinatingly obtuse hints about the show.

The Discovery is definitely growing on me. What century is it from? 22nd? 23rd? 24th? The design is clearly 1970s in origin.

The soundtrack of the clip is intriguing. Is this a darker Federation, post-Dominion War? Are we examining the morally ambiguous exploitation of Article 14, Section 31?

Last time I wrote about Star Trek, I wrote:

“A good return to television for Star Trek would be a return in a form that moves the story forward, and lets the series go on exploring the questions that it has spent the last half-century exploring. A simple voyage in less than ideal situations is just a recipe for recycling Enterprise scripts, that were recycled from Voyager, and before Voyager, TNG, and maybe before that TOS or Phase II.”

I really hope that the golden age of television will apply to the return of Trek to its rightful home.