Hello! I work in digital and IT professionalism with a particular interest in communications, the Web, and social media. Education and the natural and built environments (not to mention good food) are particularly close to my heart.

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  • Digital Public Parks

    Until a few days ago, it is safe to say that I spent too much time on Twitter. I’ve had my account there for long enough that I’ve seen the platform evolve from the SMS-based, fail whale infested, early days, right up to today’s algorithmic hellscape.

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  • The End of a Long Chapter

    The Queen died yesterday. Even though I have felt an increasing republican sentiment over the last few years, her death feels like the end of a very long chapter for Britain. Elizabeth became Queen of a Britain that most politicians for the last decade have held up as the ideal. The Platonic Britain was draped…

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  • Ghosts in the Machine

    Humans can see faces in anything, so it’s not much of a surprise that we can be fooled into seeing sentience in a chat-bot.

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