Hello! I work in digital and IT professionalism with a particular interest in communications, the Web, and social media. Education and the natural and built environments (not to mention good food) are particularly close to my heart.

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  • Local Democracy

    How do you find the balance between fully engaging with and empowering the people who have to live with political decisions, without yielding to the views of the people who shout the loudest and have the time and resources to show up to public consultations?

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  • 22 March 2016

    I spent most of today in a sort of stupor, attempting to get on with my work, watching the death toll and number of injured rise, and letting friends and family know that I was alright. It is difficult to look beyond the immediate emergency, to see how Brussels might change.

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  • Mobility in Brussels is Bigger than the City Centre

    Brussels unveiled the test phase of its new car-free centre at the weekend, with temporary barriers and new road markings almost springing up around the cars at noon on Sunday. As someone who moves around the city easily without a car, but who is regularly faced with the congestion, pollution and noise that cars inflict…

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