Tom Scott-Redford


Call me a radical: I deleted Deliveroo so I could order more takeaway.


Something has been bugging me about the whole mess around Facebook and Cambridge Analytica. Don’t get me wrong, both companies have stretched the boundaries of what it is OK to do with personal data. But it is, unfortunately, unsurprising that so many people don’t seem to care about what information they give out to online services.

It Boldly Went

It’s out, and I loved it. Star Trek: Discovery is like no series of Star Trek that has come before, and (thankfully) unlike any of the recent films. Some of the best Trek is the exploration of individual struggles, and the contrasting of perfect Federation values and the exaggerated imperfect ‘real world’, in the form […]


I want to come from a country that has ideas for its future; a country that knows what sovereignty is and knows how to share and play nice; a country that says, ‘if you make your home here, take part in society, then you are part of us’; a country that learns from the best of the world and gives back too.

22 March 2016

I spent most of today in a sort of stupor, attempting to get on with my work, watching the death toll and number of injured rise, and letting friends and family know that I was alright. It is difficult to look beyond the immediate emergency, to see how Brussels might change.

Will it boldly go… or brashly follow?

So there’s a new Star Trek tv series in the pipeline. Fingers crossed it will provide me with a new mission once I’ve completed my own trek through every tv episode and film in the (almost) 50 year old franchise. Logic dictates that the new series will exist in the Abrams-verse, so I guess there’ll […]

Mobility in Brussels is Bigger than the City Centre

Brussels unveiled the test phase of its new car-free centre at the weekend, with temporary barriers and new road markings almost springing up around the cars at noon on Sunday. As someone who moves around the city easily without a car, but who is regularly faced with the congestion, pollution and noise that cars inflict […]